Why was this programme written?
My name is Mark Carew. As a sales person I achieved the 'Top Sales Award' in four highly competitive industries.
I did this by asking four questions:
  • "What does my client or customer really need?"
  • "How can I package my product or service to match these needs - to exclude my competition?"
  • "Who in the organisation is genuinely motivated to take action?"
  • "Who has the power to make the final decision?"

In 1996 I became a National Contract Sales Trainer - having worked for some 200 organisations since 1996.
I completed 12 Motivational Psychology courses then shared some of the most advanced sales techniques and sales psychology with thousands of working sales people.

Yet while studying the following courses, I learned I had just scrapped the surface in the science of 'Relationship Building'.
What I learned about 'Client Centered Practice' will completely change the way your sales people operate.
  • A Certificate in Psychology and Sociology (UK 2008)
  • An Applied Diploma of Counselling (NZ 2012)
  • Advanced Diploma of Training and Assessing - Tafe (Aus) and Polytech (NZ) lecturer qualifications. (Aus. 2003)
  • 12 US-based Motivational Psychology courses. (1996-2001)
We provide Sales Training that develops client and customer trust-based relationships as used by practicing counsellors and psychologists.  
Since 1996, the team at Sales Psychology 101 have worked with over 200 organisations in a wide range of industries from Property Development and Retail Real Estate - to Manufacturing and Building. Our clients are also from the Chemical, Heavy Industry, Retail, and Food industries.

Our training focus is to build your sales people into true client counsellors.
At this level:
  • close rates will increase by 100%
  • client retention will increase by 100%
  • referrals and prospecting activities will increase
  • workplace confidence, culture, and morale will boom.
Some of the organisations we have served since 1996
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