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"There are many and varied challenges sales teams face.
Our courses match those precise needs."

Mark Carew -  'Best Salesman' in four industries and National Sales Trainer (Australia, UK, and NZ.)
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A new organisation, or new division, breaking into a new market. Planning and execution is required, including: point of difference awareness, prospect target selection, and message development.
With open minds, this can be a sales adventure!
Established - Not Familiar
You have been operating with a static client base. Now you need to expand this client base and create new business. Your sales team will need to evolve through a major mindshift from account managers to sales hunters.
Branded But Defensive
You are well known, yet have lost market share to heavy competition. This requires a new attack strategy. What you have always done may not be good enough.
Branded and Established with New Division/Product
Now it’s time to razzle and dazzle a whole new market. With a dynamic attitude - this can be fun. What is better than going to the market with something NEW NEW NEW!
Forced Change
Your operating model has changed and you need  your sales team to operate more effectively.
Change has two faces: Fearful and uncertain, or an opportunity to grow and improve.
Change is a constant in life. Done well it can boost morale and create an exciting work environment. 
Branded But Stagnant
You have an established market, but have not grown recently. If you are not moving forward - you are sliding backward. Taking the power from what you have, and devising a new sales approach for accelerating sales momentum could be the answer.
What is your sales performance challenge?
Frequently  Asked Questions

Q. My sales team is doing a good job – how will sales psychology training help them?

If all your sales team are making budget and doing well, imagine what could achieve with clinical psychology and counselling knowledge.
Many sales people do well with clients they can relate to – yet not so well with clients who are fundamentally different to them.
SP101 will teach them techniques for bonding with everyone – then closing sales, no matter how diverse the client may be.
Some male sales people who have extremely high close rates when selling to men - struggle to close female clients.  SP101 focuses heavily on this situation. 

Q. I can’t see how training my sales people as counsellors will help them to sell.

Sales people, for better or worse – like to talk. They love to tell and show their wares. But in many cases they are ‘selling’ a solution to people who may not yet trust them, and/or, to people who have not yet fleshed out their situational challenges.
SP101 will prove to your team that slowing the sales process down, taking their time, and being patient listeners is far more profitable.

Q. My sales people are not academics – I want practical training, not egg-head stuff.

SP101, like practice-level psychology and counselling, uses plain English and logical, intuitive concepts.
The method for teaching these skills was written for sales people by sales people, and is facilitated by a sales person.

Q. My main concern is business profit – how will this course increase it.

SP101 will teach that salesmanship is a process - like a flying a plane, building a tower, or performing open heart surgery. A process that is:
  • Simple and logical
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible for every situation
  • Duplicable and predictable
  • Highly profitable!

Q. Tell me more…

Sales Psychology 101 teaches ‘sales compartmentalisation.’
This means breaking the sales process into stages. Most sales people dump information onto their clients – then hope something they say will trigger a buying response.
SP101 will prove to your team that the following laws in a sales process cannot be broken - or no sale will happen.

1. People will only do business with sales people they like and trust.
2. People will only take action if they justify the cost and effort of a change (your solution).
3. Very few low and mid-level managers are motivated to pursue change/improvement. Therefore you must pitch to right person for your solution.
4. Your sales pitch must be highly tuned. A half hearted - poorly prepared solution presentation will fail.
5. Body language is the professional's greatest tool in reading your client's thoughts. Only 30% of communication is vocal.
6. Professional deal closing is only a confirmation of all the minor closes that occurred during the sale process. Closing is a vital part of each point made through-out the               presentation.

In essence, this course is Client Focused, and is about  fully fleshing out each need, or operational performance gap, then closing on that need, or gap. Once all the needs have been fully established – permission is sought to offer a solution.
This means the solution has value and is not a ‘shot-from-the-hip’ scatter gun spray of meaningless words.

All this adds up to is one simple thing: your sales people will appear genuine problem solvers who are more interested in solving client problems than making a quick sale.

Pease email any additional questions to us.