Training Record and Testimonials
The majority of my clients have renewed or extended training with me over the last 15 years.
Here is what they say.

Mark Carew -  'Best Salesman' in four industries and National Sales Trainer (Australia, UK, and NZ.)
Shaun hired Mark Carew to train his mostly graduate sales team and seasoned professionals. The original contract was for one session a week for 10 weeks. Shaun renewed his contract with Mark twice - for a total of 20 weeks. 

Shaun Douglas
Managing Director
Chesterton International is an internationally branded full service real estate group with offices globally. These offices extend to the UK, Singapore, France, Gibraltar, Italy and the UAE – Dubai. The group has an enviable reputation for quality advice and service that has been established for over 200 years.

Brad hired Mark Carew  to train his mostly graduate sales team and seasoned professionals. The original contract was for one session per week for 10 weeks. After the first 10 weeks, Brad hired mark on a continuous basis to deliver training once a fortnight. This contract lasted for 52 weeks. 

Brad Sheppard
McGees is one of Australia's truly national property consultancies, located in 6 offices across the nation. McGees currently operates in major Australian cities and has direct access to New Zealand, South East Asian, European and United States property markets through our network of consultants.

Bryan hired Mark Carew to train his sales people across the organisation for a period of three years. Mark trained sales people in all divisions, including: Gold Coast Investment apartments, Sunshine Coast holiday apartments, Sunshine Coast Residential, Convention Centre Investment apartments and Inner City Residential Investments.

Bryan Jackson
Group Marketing Manager
Forrester Kurts Properties Limited - The publicly-listed Forrester Kurts Properties is one of Australia's most active property groups with operations in all eastern states of Australia and South Australia.

Other long-term training clients:
  • Ray White Homes (AusBuild) - trained with their sales team for three years in 2-3 hour blocks.
  • Raine and Horne Commercial - extended their contract three times over four years - and referred me to five other organisations.
  • Telco Telecommunications - trained over 500 sales people in all Australian capital cities.
  • Tesco Telecoms (UK) - national sales trainer covering all the UK.
  • Niagara International - 10 week training courses in Brisbane and Sydney.

Here are quotes from training delegates:

What did you like most about the course?*
  • "I loved Mark's energy and enthusiasm - he really knows his stuff"
  • "Mark's training is relevant and honest - he keeps you interested all the way through."
  • "It is obvious Mark is a suburb sales person - it comes out in the training."
  • "He (Mark) makes everyone participate - he really gets you thinking."
  • "I have been on many sales training courses in twenty years - this is the best so far."
  • "Thinking and acting like CEO of your own business."

What were the most important lessons for you?*
  • "The closing - the minor closes and tie-downs"
  • "The importance of bonding - from now on I will slow the sale down."
  • "The sales cycle - it's logical and practical."
  • "The buyer's emotional graph. This cleared up many things for me."
  • "Power words - painting the picture. I will be using this a lot."
  • "Third party referrals and story telling. I think it will give my presentation more credibility."
  • "Raising and eliminating objections - before the client thinks of them."

*Note: all original course reports are available for your viewing.